How clever is this?  A kid created a bicycle out of an old unicycle.

Source: Times Srgus Staff, East Montpelier.

In our busy, busy modern world and quick fix society, we can be pretty quick to discard things, but we should regard them by refreshing, repurposing or recycling them.
Take hardwood floors, for example. Once gorgeous, the floors now seem worn, lackluster and maybe even have a scratch or dent. So you throw them out. That’s most likely unnecessary spending, because all they probably needed was a refinishing. Check out Delair’s Carpet Barn of East Montpelier for an affordable wood refinishing service.

Hardwood Flooring will last for decades, and one of the greatest things about it is that it can be refinished, sanded or recoated. See our wood refinishing service experts to determine if it needs a simple refinishing, a more thorough one, or whether it just needs a new surface coating. (Many scratches are on the veneer, not in the wood, so it may just need another coat.)

As long-lasting as hardwood is, however, it does have its limits, so proper maintenance is a must.

Here are tips from our wood refinishing service experts on some things you should never do to your floor:

Never use steam mops. Any excess water will seep into the joints and seams, causing warping and other damage. If you do need to mop it, and you live in a humid area, use an air conditioner or fan to speed up the drying. If you live in a rainy area, consider getting a dehumidifier.
Don’t pour cleaning liquid directly on the floor. Liquid is liquid, whether it’s water or detergent, so you’ll get the same effect as water.
Don’t skip welcome mats or area rugs near the entrance. You can track in dirt that will scratch up the floor.
Don’t skip the protective pads for furniture. Many don’t realize this, but the furniture weight (even a seemingly lightweight chair) can damage the finish and create an uneven color. Needless to say, don’t drag furniture or appliances without pads.)

Most of all, see the wood refinishing service experts at Delair’s Carpet Barn. Don’t wait too long between refinishings, because a simple job can become a bigger one. For example, right now you might only need to re-coat. If you wait too long, it will all wear down to the surface and create the need for further treatment. Delair’s Carpet Barn also carries a large inventory of carpet, hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, vinyl sheet and laminate flooring.