If you have hardwood floors, there’s likely to come a time when you will need a wood floor refinishing service. Since real hardwood is a very expensive replacement, it can save you tons of money to refinish instead. However, sometimes it can be hard to know which is the best option.

When Should I Refinish?
It usually takes a couple of decades before real hardwood shows serious signs of aging. At this point, some things will begin to show including dull spots, scratches, discolorations to the stain or finish, to name a few. These don’t always mean you need to have a complete refinishing job, but it’s best to have a professional check it out. 
Allowing a hardwood floor to go very far past this point could cause damage that will be harder to fix, even with a professional wood floor refinishing service. Pitting and wear could reach the point that far more sanding will have to be done, which could cut down on the number of times you have left to refinish your hardwood before completely replacing it.

Is Refinishing A DIY Project?
Refinishing a real hardwood floor is certainly not something you should attempt to do yourself. Not only is it a lengthy procedure, but it takes specialty tools that most people don’t have around the house. By the time you go out and get the tools necessary to do the job right, you could just as easily have replaced the floors instead of refinishing them.

Always use a professional wood floor refinishing service to refinish your hardwood floors. It’s worth what you’ll spend and, almost always, they back up their work with a guarantee. It’s safer, more cost effect and just makes more sense than trying to do it all yourself.

What If Refinishing Isn’t An Option? 
The wood on top of your floor should be about 1/32 of one inch in order to take a final sanding. If this is not possible, you will definitely have to replace instead of refinish. But if you do, then you can refinish the floor at least once more. 

At Delair’s Carpet Barn, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. We are also ready to help you refinish your hardwood floor. If you are unsure whether you need a wood floor refinishing service or not, visit us at our showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont for more information.