If you own hardwood floors, you may wonder when it is time to hire a professional wood floor refinishing service to re-surface your flooring. This is actually an important issue, as the sooner you have your hardwood flooring refinished, the less it usually costs. In fact, in some cases, you may be able to avoid a complete refinishing by having what is known as a “scuff and buff”. Here are some easy-to-do tips on how to tell if your floors are ready for a wood floor refinishing service:
The first test is the one most homeowners already know. It is appearance. Over time, hardwood floors can begin to look dull and lusterless. This is common, even for those homes that wax and buff their flooring routinely. In some cases, this dull look is because of a wax build up, which needs to be removed and new wax coating applied to restore the flooring’s bright shine.

The second thing to look for is on the other end of the spectrum: No top coating at all, or very thin surface coatings. This happens as the top coat of your wood floor is scraped away by foot traffic, moving furniture, and routine cleaning. In some older homes, or homes that have a lot of foot traffic, the flooring may be down to bare wood. If there are traffic “paths” obvious, the floor may be down to bare wood in some areas, but not in other areas where people do not regularly walk.

One of the best ways to learn about your top coating status is to sprinkle some water drops onto the surface and see what it does. If the drop stays firm on the surface, then you have at least some top coating. If the water soaks into the wood, however, your coating is gone and needs to be replaced. If you are not sure if you need our wood floor refinishing service, we will be happy to come to your home and inspect your flooring for you.

Lastly, many hardwood floors will suffer damage of some type, over time. This can happen due to dropped items (causing dents), gouges, scraps and scratches, and other types of mishaps. The good news is the vast majority of these types of problems can be repaired if a professional is called in to perform the work.

At Delair's Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, Vermont, we have some of the best hardwood refinishing teams in this area. Give us a call or come by. Our teams are well trained and experienced in all types of wood floor refinishing and flooring repair, and they stand 100% behind their work.