Have you noticed that the appearance of your beautiful hardwood flooring is beginning to change for the worst? A natural part of having hardwood flooring is the inevitable wear and tear that will start to show over time. Before you begin contemplating whether to replace your old floors entirely, Delair’s Carpet Barn has a less expensive solution. We provide an excellent wood floor refinishing service that will make your wood floors shine like new and will help you avoid the high cost of complete replacements. Residents in East Montpelier, VT now have a solution to their problem.
Hardwood floors are known to last for up to ten years when they are cared for properly. Unfortunately, all the care and maintenance in the world will not prevent your hardwood floors from being worn down, faded or scratched over time. Only our wood floor refinishing service can restore your wood floors to their original state and give them the sleek shine you fell in love with on the day you brought them home. In fact, wood floor refinishing services are so effective, that they have become a part of the proper maintenance routine for homes with hardwood floors.

The process of refinishing hardwood floors involves a few meticulous steps. Simply put, once all furnishings are cleared out, your wood floors will be sanded down until the old finish is removed and the scratches are no longer visible. Then, after a thorough cleaning, a new finish can be applied to give your floors a brand new appearance. The goal for our wood floor refinishing service is to not only improve the look of your wood floors, but to also to protect them from further damage.

​Our hope is to leave your wood flooring in better condition than when you first bought it. This can give you another 20 years before restoration is needed again. Call us, go online, or come visit our showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont to get started!