Having beautiful hardwood flooring in your home makes walking into your home the best part of your day. However, there does come a time when you may notice that your wood flooring may not look as amazing as it did on the day you had it installed. If you have found yourself in this same situation, our wood flooring experts at Delair’s Carpet Barn recommend that you look into our affordable wood floor refinishing service. We know how to properly care for your wood floors and can be trusted to get the job done in a timely fashion.
There is no way to avoid the natural wear and tear that comes with having wood flooring. You may notice that parts of your wood floors may look faded from sun exposure. Or maybe you have noticed some scratches that have resulted from things like pets or active children. Whatever the case may be, hiring our service to come in and refinish your wood floors is the smartest and safest way to bring the life back into your wood floors. We do this is by sanding the wood floors down until any scratches are no longer visible, and all of the old finish has been removed. Then, the wood floors are cleaned then refinished with a fresh new stain.

An additional bonus to having your wood floors refinished is that it will give you an opportunity for your home to have an entirely new look. You can finally try out that dark ebony stain you have envied so much in high end magazines. Our professional wood floor refinishers are experienced and will provide you with quality service that is done efficiently and quickly. Contact the refinishing team at Delair’s Carpet Barn today or visit our showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont to restore your wood floors back to their original beautiful state.