“My inspiration for writing all of my cookbooks has always been the desire to promote community wellness through the process of growing food in a healthy, responsible way. This has been the message in each of my books, and is the driving force and lifelong purpose behind each of them,” says food stylist Tracey Madeiros.

Madeiros knows food, and she’s the author of three cookbooks: “The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook,” “The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook” and “Dishing Up Vermont.” She also writes a column for Edible Green Mountains Magazine called “The Farmhouse Kitchen: A Guide to Eating Local” and is currently working on a Vermont Non-GMO/Organic cookbook, to be released October 2017.

Source: www.montpelierbridge.com - “Food for Thought: The Bridge Dishes with Food Enthusiast Tracey Medieros”
Funny about the word “nourish,” because we always think of it in terms of food only. The truth is, however, that we’re nourished just as much, if not more, by things off the plate--like your home.

Do you have any “hidden treasures?” Check your floors. You just may have some wonderful vintage hardwood floors that, with our wood floor refinishing service, will restore any worn or damaged floor to its original condition. 

For over 35 years, the family-owned Delair's Carpet Barn has been providing the largest inventory of floor products, including hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate and more. The company has a new design center, and provides installation and wood floor refinishing services.

Here’s what happens: First, be sure your room is free of furniture. The professional will buff the floor and then stain it in a certain hue of your choice. Then, the professional applies several coats of finish. How long does it take? That depends! Some finishes can be re-coated in hours, while others take a longer time to bond. Your professional can let you know.

It will be time well spent! Your floor will shine and be free of stains, gouges, and dents. What’s more, they’ll will not only be improved, but they’ll also be protected against future damage, so that you can expect decades of use before additional restoration is required. Once a floor is refinished, it usually lasts for 10 or more years.