Trees are important to everyone, including those who offer hardwood flooring and wood floor refinishing service options to their customers. For years now, many agencies, clubs, and even individuals, have been planting new trees across America. We recently learned of a project in our area that pleased us and we believe it will please you as well.
“More than 1,000 trees and shrubs have been planted along three rivers in New Hampshire and Vermont. The Connecticut River Watershed Council and project partners planted them in Groton and the New Hampshire towns of Haverhill, Lisbon and Orford. The plantings include birch, willows and elderberries and stretch along nearly 4,000 feet of riverbank on the Wells, Ammonoosuc and Connecticut rivers.”
Source: <a href="">More than 1,000 trees planted in Vermont, New Hampshire</a> by Staff.
While trees are beautiful in and of themselves, these new trees will also provide erosion control, help filter pollutants, and provide new habitats for fish. Well done! As a leader in providing quality wood floor refinishing services, we salute these efforts.
It is a known fact that when hardwood floors become scuffed or marred, homeowners in the East Montpelier, Vermont area often decide to turn to a reliable wood floor refinishing service rather than buying new flooring. This only makes sense, as a quality wood floor refinishing service can have your old hardwood flooring looking brand new for a fraction of the cost of new flooring.  
The idea, of course, is to hire a wood floor refinishing service that truly knows what it is doing. This is not the type of work that homeowners want to trust to just anybody; it is also not the type of work that most homeowners want to tackle on their own. The ability to achieve outstanding results rests on the experience and expertise of the person doing the refinishing. Those who lack these skills often cannot deliver satisfactory results. This is why so many people in our area come to Delair's Carpet Barn when they need an affordable wood floor refinishing service. They know that they can trust us to perform the best work, get the job done on time, and charge a very reasonable price.
As we thank those who helped to plant these new trees, we also encourage those who need their hardwood flooring refinished to contact us at Delair's Carpet Barn. Our wood floor refinishing service is second to none, and we are always ready to answer any questions you may have about hardwood floors or other flooring systems.