You have a beautiful home with hardwood floors. They are exactly what you want to bring warmth and comfort to your home and the rustic charm they bring welcomes all who enter, whether it be a friend or family member. After years of day-to-day living, foot traffic and pets, the floors are looking a bit worn down, and you know that something has to be done. Replacing the floors is a possibility, but the expense and time involved aren't an ideal choice. You should look into a wood floor refinishing service that is just a fraction of the cost! 
With a wood floor refinishing service, professionals will come into your home, sand down the old finish and replace it with a new finish, either to the original specifications, or in a new color and finish. What started as a light maple stain with a piano finish can become a medium cherry stain with a polyurethane finish, or even a blue pine look with a satin finish. You can choose whatever fits your preference for personal style. 

Exotic wood flooring can present its own set of issues. Many exotic woods are dark and can show imperfections more easily, so getting that piano top finish may not be possible. Also, Exotic woods can present a health risk to clients who have allergies. The wood itself is fine, but the dust can irritate the lungs or skin. After the sanding is done, there may be the added expense of having the residence professionally cleaned in order to remove the traces of dust that settle into the corners or on window treatments. The dust from some types of exotics can stain walls or fabrics too, because of the color of the wood; Santos mahogany leaves a trace of red dust, while Brazilian walnut may leave green stains.

If you are looking for a wood floor refinishing service in East Montpelier, Vermont, go to Delair's Carpet Barn. They have the professionals on hand to make your old wood floors look brand new again. Whether you are looking to re-establish the old look, or to create a new look, a wood floor refinishing service is the way affordable way to proceed.