You have just bought an old colonial home that has solid hardwood floors and they appeal to your sense of rustic style. However, they are old and it shows. OR you had that hardwood floor installed about ten years ago and now you are realizing that they look really lived on. The scratches and scuffs that have built up over time have left them looking less than appealing. You could replace the entire floor at the expense of buying all of the materials again, but because prices that have risen over the years, you could look into the alternative solution, which is having a wood floor refinishing service renew the floors for you.
A wood floor refinishing service is exactly what the name implies. They will come to your home and sand down the current floors, removing the old dull finish and color. They will remove those scratches and scuffs as well. Then, they will either replace the original finish, or they will put down a new finish with a whole new color. Imagine your light pine flooring becoming a rich maple color and the high gloss finish becoming a subtle satin look that is understated but beautiful.

Wood floor refinishing service isn’t limited to just solid hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood can also be refinished. It is possible to refinish them more than once, provided that the wear layer is still thick enough to withstand the sanding portion of the work. It is best to have the wood floor refinishing service professionals look at your current flooring first, to determine if the floors can be refinished or not.

Wood floor refinishing is a service that is also environmentally friendly. Because you are having your old floors refinished instead of replaced, it doesn’t require more trees to be cut down to provide the new planks for replacement flooring. This is good for the environment and for your wallet. At Delair’s Carpet Barn we have the wood floor refinishing professionals you need to have your old floors looking like new in no time. So come see us at our East Montpelier Vermont showroom, and let us refinish what you started.