​The wood flooring in your home is a point of pride. The beauty and peaceful feeling it brings to your dwelling, has always been a luxury that you didn’t really envision when you bought it. Lately, though, the wood has become a mess of scratches, gouges and stains that have made your once proud floors look shabby. Replacing them is out of the question, because you don’t have the money to shell out to pay for new flooring. Nevertheless, you don’t want to live with the poor appearance anymore.
​That’s when someone suggests to you that you should refinish the floors and you see a ray of hope. Then you realize you weren’t born with a hammer in your hand and don’t have the first clue how to refinish a wood floor. Fortunately for you, there is Delair’s Carpet Barn. We have a wood floor refinishing service you can utilize to restore your once proud hardwood flooring back to its original luster. Since hardwood is made of a plank cut about ¾ of an inch to an inch thick, hardwood can be refinished multiple times over the lifespan of the product. This makes hardwood flooring a desirable and versatile flooring product.

Our wood floor refinishing service will come to your home and sand down the flooring to lift the scratches and old finish from the floor. They will clean the floor of any stains if necessary, and either give you back the original look, or provide an entirely new look that you decide upon. The possibilities are limited only by the wood of the flooring and your imagination. When the process is finished, you can have hardwood flooring that is once more a point of pride. 

Wood floor refinishing services are also environmentally responsible, since reusing the existing flooring is far more eco friendly than tearing up the old flooring and cutting down trees to create new flooring. Come see us at our East Montpelier Vermont showroom and utilize our wood floor refinishing service to bring the love of wood flooring back to your home.