The hardwood flooring in any home can start out as a beautiful addition to any room. Over time, however, foot traffic, pet claws, children’s toys and general everyday life, can leave your flooring a mass of scratches, scuffs and gouges that just aren’t appealing. You could replace the flooring, but it’s so expensive to tear up the old flooring and dispose of the debris. Then laying a new floor in its place to bring back the aesthetics is a very expensive project. There is a better way to get your flooring to shine without replacing a single board: wood floor refinishing.
Wood floor refinishing is a service that will bring your old flooring back to life and give it the appeal that it once had. Hardwood flooring is cut into planks that are anywhere from ½ to ¾ of an inch thick. The thickness of the plank allows it to be sanded down to remove the old finish, and to prepare the surface for a new finish. This can be done multiple times over the lifetime of the flooring. Your hardwood floor refinishing team can then restore the old finish back to new, giving your room its old welcoming feeling. You can also choose another finish and color for your floors if you wish, to give the room a new sense of adventure or cool relaxation.

Hardwood refinishing is also an environmentally friendly choice. Since you will be rejuvenating the old flooring as opposed to replacing it, you won’t be creating the need to cut down more trees to provide planks of wood for new flooring. You will also be cutting down on waste, because the debris from the removal of old flooring will not be necessary. Using a wood floor refinishing service leaves far less waste in its wake than replacement. At Delair’s Carpet Barn we have the hardwood floor refinishing service to bring your worn floors back to life.

Contact us today and we can usually give an estimate over the phone if you know the square footage of your room. We can also set up an appointment to have your floors expertly and affordably refinished. For top-quality hardwood floor refinishing in East Montpelier, VT, call Delair's Carpet Barn.