Many homeowners come into Delair's Carpet Barn with a ton of questions about wood floor refinishing service work. More often than not, they want to know if they should paint their walls before or after the refinishing crew does their job. In reality, there's no right or wrong way to proceed, as there are pros and cons to both approaches. So, if you're about to undergo a home renovation, you may want to consider the following pertinent points about painting walls and refinishing floors
Painting Your Walls before a Wood Floor Refinishing Service
In the event of a total floor gutting, there's no need to even worry about paint splatters ruining your new solid hardwood. In this case, you'll want to paint your walls first, and don't worry about dropping paint on your sub-floor, since your new flooring will cover up any mess that might occur. In fact, it can be an exhilarating and freeing experience to paint without all that stress!

And, without baseboards or trim in the way, you can go to town with that paint roller and paint whichever way you want. So, if there is no flooring in your room or home yet, go ahead, make your life a whole lot easier, and paint your walls first. The only drawback to painting before a wood floor refinishing service is that their floor buffer might scuff your baseboards. The easy fix is to install your boards after completing the floors.  

Painting Your Walls after a Wood Floor Refinishing Service
What happens if you paint your walls after calling in a wood floor refinishing service? Again, there are two sides of the coin in this situation. With wood floors, especially newly refinished ones, the main issue is, of course, paint splatters, drips, and disasters. If a few drops of paint fall on your floor, chances are, you can just wipe them off easily, as long as you do so immediately.

With significant splatters and all-out paint disasters, it's a little more problematic, and you may even need to use some heavy-duty solvents. Of course, that also means the possibility of discoloring your new floors. One solution would be to call in a skilled painter, as they know exactly how to protect everything with drop cloths to minimize accidents. Should a paint problem occur nonetheless, painters know precisely how to clean paint on any type of flooring.

For more information on how to proceed with renovations, or for help hiring a wood floor refinishing service, stop by our Delair's Carpet Barn showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont.