As the old year moves out and the New Year moves in, get your old hardwood flooring looking like new with our professional wood floor refinishing service. At Delair's Carpet Barn, we can restore your dull hardwood flooring to a new state of luster and beauty, ready for all that comes during the New Year and beyond.

We know that many of our friends and neighbors have had a lot of foot traffic over their wood flooring during the holiday season. We also know that the brutal weather conditions have done their part as well in dulling wood flooring all across East Montpelier, Vermont, and surrounding areas. Now is the time to start thinking of protecting your flooring, and giving it a new life with our high-quality wood floor refinishing service.
You already know that once your hardwood flooring begins to dull, it only gets worse over time. As the finish is worn off by foot traffic, the wood beneath the finish becomes vulnerable to damage. Damage to the wood fibers can be costly to repair, that is a simple fact. However, with a new resurfacing, your wood flooring gets a brand new finish that will protect the underlying wood for years and years to come. Hardwood refinishing is truly one of the most beneficial home improvement investments consumers can make.

When you hire us for our wood floor refinishing service, we can guarantee that you will get the best service possible. Our crews are well trained in all aspects of floor refinishing, and they have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. Do not be fooled by out of town companies that may or may not have the skills to complete your refinishing to high standards. With Delair's Carpet Barn, you know you are getting the best. 

We would also suggest that this is the perfect time to change the color or luster level of your wood flooring if you wish. We have a variety of very high-quality stains and finishes from which you can choose. If you want a truly new looking wood floor, we can make that happen.

Come by and visit with us in our East Montpelier, Vermont showroom if you want to bring in the New Year with newly refinished flooring. We are always happy to answer your questions, and we can give you more details on our professional wood floor refinishing service.