It’s a great article on dorm decor. The mother of college-age kids, an interior designer herself, helped her children decorate their dorm rooms, and she was amazed at the level of design expectation of the modern-day kids. After all, for most of us, it was posters and milk crates.

Read the story here: by Melissa Rayworth.

So, why, you ask, would it make us, a company that specializes in wood floor refinishing services in the East Montpelier, Vermont area make us think so hard?  Simply because many first-time home buyers are faced with a similar dilemma.  Most of the budget has gone to closing costs, points and possibly taxes, so it can be a little overwhelming.  
Our first bit of advice; don’t rush in to try to do everything at once. Our second piece of advice: Don’t be so quick to replace or throw something out but, rather, think if you can restore or refinish it.

Woods floors, for instance.  When you were looking at homes, you’d peek under the rug only to see a gorgeous hardwood floor, looking scratched and worn, so you thought you’d need to replace it. That’s pricey, and because of that, you rejected the entire house, even if you loved everything else about it.

Do not rush to judgement!  Very often, a good wood floor refinishing service is the only thing you need to bring the floors back to lustrous beauty, and remember that hardwood floors, if cared for properly, last for decades.

How do you know if the floor only needs a wood floor refinishing service?  The best way to tell is to drop a little water on it.  If that water sinks in very slowly, you can probably get away for a couple of months with just regular cleaning and polishing. If it sinks in faster, you probably do need only a simple refinishing. For more serious problems like stains or gouges, you might need a complete wood floor refinishing service.

The best thing is to ask a wood floor refinishing service expert at Delair’s Carpet Barn.

Delair’s Carpet Barn services the East Montpelier, Vermont and surrounding cities. The company, an expert in wood floor refinishing service, also has a large inventory of hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, vinyl sheet and laminate.