We know you love your wood floors. They add charm, warmth and elegance to any style, be it traditional or contemporary. Best of all, they add value to your home; real estate agents tell us that buyers will sometimes pay as much as 10 percent more for a home with wood floors.  

Isn’t that nice to know?
These floors can last for decades and, while they might start showing signs of wear, they often don’t need to be replaced; a wood floor refinishing service will usually do the trick.

You don’t want to provide on-the-job training for someone, though, and that’s why Delair’s Carpet Barn of East Montpelier, VT is so trusted for their hardwood floor refinishing.

That sander is pretty powerful and if it’s not moved at just the right pace, at the right angle, it will damage the floor. Too much wood will be taken off and you’ll be left with an uneven, and maybe even weakened, floor. Ask questions about experience, and be sure its backed up with referrals and certifications. 

Other questions you should ask when considering a wood floor refinishing service are:

Whether you need a simple or full refinishing. Here’s what we suggest: Pour a little water on the floor; if it sinks in, but slowly, you probably need only a simple one.  If you have dents and gouges, you’ll probably need something more thorough. It’s always best to check with a professional; they’ll examine it and will give their best advice.
Will my floor color change?  If you have very dark floors, chances are it’s been stained.  Even though there are some dark-colored species, many people like to make them even darker, especially if they’re going for the black and white contrast. If you’re getting a full refinishing, the stain most likely will be removed, so you’ll need to reapply.
Will I need to move out while it’s done, and for how long? Yes, you will need to vacate, what with the sanding and, if you do need to stain, each coat will need to dry before reapplying.  As for how long, that’s a question best answered by a professional.

Come into Delair’s Carpet Barn of East Montpelier, VT, so we can show you how to keep your wood floors looking gorgeous.