You do not need us to tell you how bad the weather has been of late. In short, it has been a mess. Unfortunately, it may not be over yet, and, in fact, it may not have even really started. As the weather turns, motorists, and others, will find it hard to get around. Just one example of how bad it has gotten was written up lately; it symbolizes a whole series of bad weather days:
“MONTPELIER, Vt.: Snow, freezing rain and rain made for a messy commute Monday as a winter storm pushed eastward. The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories for parts of the Great Lakes and the Northeast. Snow fell throughout northern New England, with speeds reduced on snow-packed roads and numerous schools canceled or delayed. The National Weather Service forecast snow across Vermont...”

The good news is all this will pass. And, when it does, many of our neighbors will find that their hardwood floors have been damaged in one way or another. This is when calling Delair's Carpet Barn can help a great deal, as we offer one of the best wood floor refinishing services in town. For less money than you might imagine, we can come to your home or business and resurface your old wood flooring to make it look like new again.

Bad weather such as this does various types of damage to hardwood flooring. You may notice that salt is being tracked into your home or business, scratching the surface of your floor. You may also notice that pools of water are appearing where people take off their boots and snow melts. Water and wood do not play well together, and different types of damage can occur if water is left to stand too long. And then there is the general wear and tear you get when people walk over wood floors with heavy shoes. We can fix all of these problems with our professional wood floor refinishing service.

If you have noticed that your hardwood floors have been affected by this nasty weather, give us a call. Delair's Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, VT, can provide you with all the professional services needed to get your flooring back to looking great again. When you call, just ask us about our wood floor refinishing service; we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.