Are you looking for a wood floor refinishing service in the Central Vermont area? Locals of East Montpelier know that Delair's Carpet Barn is the place to call if you want the job done right. Family owned and operated for 35 years, Delair's Carpet Barn updated their flooring and design center just a few years ago, in 2011. Don't be misled by their name- Delair's does much more than carpet, offering expert service for other home needs such as blinds, windows, carpet cleaning, and of course, hardwood floor refinishing.  
How do you know when it's time to refinish your floors? Click here and see our entire section on this topic. We recommend doing a water-droplet test to first see if your floors need a touch up. If the water takes a long time to sink in, your floor may have some life in it yet, and only needs regular polishing and cleaning. If the water quickly soaks into the floor and you see other gouges or scratches, it may be the time to call Delair's Carpet Barn and see how we can service you.

We also recommend gathering some information to share with your technicians if a refinish is in order. This includes whether the wood is still sturdy and thick enough to provide a good base, the type of hardwood flooring used, and the original finish that was used on the floor. 

Delair's Carpet Barn strives to make your wood flooring look as good as new, because it's worth the long term investment! We have been serving the central Vermont area for decades, and know that with a little TLC, your flooring can last just as long and look even better than it did before. Give us a call today and save your wood floor for an affordable rate with our wood floor refinishing service.