​I have been a renter my whole life. One of the best memories I have came from an old apartment building in which I resided in upstate New York. It was a three bedroom apartment with hardwood floors throughout. The problem was that the floors had seen far better days and were a mass of scratches, gouges, and stains. Fortunately, my building’s owner told me I could do anything I wanted to rehabilitate the apartment, as long as I got his approval first. The first thing I did was to get his permission to refinish the floors. The floors were sanded down, re-stained and given a semi gloss finish that I could be proud of. In the end I was happy that I could make my old floors look like new.
If you have wood flooring that has seen better days, and you really want them to return to their former glory, you don’t need to replace the flooring. Instead, you can hire a wood floor refinishing service. The wood floor refinishing service will bring your old flooring back to like new condition; save you the pain of having to shell out large sums of money; and avoid having to replace the old flooring, dispose of the debris and install new flooring. You will also rest easy knowing that no new trees are being felled in order to create new flooring planks for your home, and that you have made an environmentally friendly decision.  

A wood floor refinishing service will come in and sand down the old flooring to remove the damaged finish and stain. Then they will replace the stain and refinish with the original look, or a new look that you can choose for yourself. At Delair’s Carpet Barn, we offer a wood floor refinishing service that can breathe new life back into your old flooring. You can save money and be environmentally responsible at the same time. So come see us at our East Montpelier, Vermont, showroom and let us set up an appointment to affordably refinish your wood floor.